Corporate Information


The Board is responsible for the overall control of the affairs of the Trust, including setting the values, vision, mission and strategic objectives of the Trust, ensuring its long term success. Board members should; uphold the rules, values and objectives of the Trust, uphold the Trust’s core policies including our commitment to equality of opportunities in the provision of services and contribute to and share responsibility for the Board’s decisions. They should prepare for and attend meetings, training sessions and other events, represent the Trust on occasions, declare any relevant interests and respect confidentiality of information.

Vision, Mission, Values and Objectives

‘LifeTime will enhance the lives and experiences of older people in Warrington.’ 

‘LifeTime will promote social inclusion and health through connecting older people in an active, fun and supportive community.’

LifeTime believe in the following values, which will guide their work, decision making and interactions: Respect: Inclusion: Sustainability: Customer & Community Focus: Innovation

The vision will be achieved by focusing on the core objectives:

  • Ensuring our services meet the needs of older people.
  • Working in communities to ensure there are opportunities for older people to engage in activities to tackle social isolation.
  • Work in ways that are inclusive, value diversity and the individual.
  • Support the provision of local facilities, services and opportunities that assist individual wellbeing and community development.
  • Ensure our work recognises, supports and complements the work of others and the aspirations of Warrington Partnership’s Health & Wellbeing Strategy.

Registered Details

LifeTime Trust (Warrington) Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Warrington Housing Association Limited, a registered society under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014. (Reg No. 17631R)

LifeTime Trust (Warrington) Limited is a registered society under the Co-operative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014 with tax-exempt charitable status. (Reg No. 32296R).

LifeTime Business Plan 2016-19

LifeTime Accounts 2015 – 16