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Class Review

Its brilliant to have so many members joining in classes keeping fit and connected with LifeTime. We welcome over 650 members each month thanks to volunteers who support our work.
As we start the new financial year we are excited about some new classes that have been added to our Timetable which have been suggested by our members, we have Cake Club, Introduction to Sewing, Knit and Natter (or just Natter) and Adult Colouring at Lyon Court, We are also pleased that we have been able to keep all our existing classes on our Timetable.
As a not for profit organisation, it is our aim to keep costs for members affordable and offer inclusive service, whilst ensuring our services are of a high quality so we can sustain LifeTime for years to come. We have reviewed costs of classes and whilst some classes will remain at the same cost, some have had to be increased:
Our Independent classes will remain at £1.50
Volunteer led classes will be increased to £2
Tutor led classes will be increased to between £3.50-£4.50
Revised Fees will be in place from Monday 6th May 2019. Our Timetable will be updated accordingly,
If you have any queries or concerns please do not hesitate to contact a member of the team.
Thank you for your continued support .

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