Frequently asked questions

If you feel that our community would benefit by accessing your products, services, expertise or advice – please send us an email at

Email us at or telephone us on 01925 246824 for a chat. We warmly welcome volunteers of all ages, backgrounds and skills. This is your centre so we’d love to welcome you.

We strongly advise you have a chat with them about it first! We don’t want to upset or worry anybody by contacting them without their expecting us to. But please, if there is someone you know who is alone or would really benefit by becoming a member of LifeTime why not print off the membership form from our website: and take a few minutes to mention us to them. If you think they are more likely to attend an event if you went along with them, please feel free to do so. We can also help “hand-hold” people if they need a little bit of support to take the step to joining in.

You name it! We will listen to our community and respond to the needs we hear about. To start with, we have planned exercise classes, craft, art and friendship groups – to name just a few. We’d also like to start up reading groups, computer how-to sessions, healthy ageing advice and lots more! Basically, the main offer is new friends, things to do and – if people wish – ways to give their time to help others through volunteering.

Warrrington Housing Association is committed to working in the Warrington area and its main business is providing homes and making the town a great place to live. They are investing in the LifeTime project as part of their work in the community and have committed to investing more than £1million over the first five years.

Absolutely – what about getting involved as a volunteer? You could help us run the project, help out at the LifeTime Centre or community venues or even set up a group or activity for our participants? You could get a lot out of giving your time and we’d love to hear from you at or by calling 01925 246824

The information you give us is for our own use only to send you details of things you have said you would like to get involved with or attend. The information is kept securely and is not given, sold or exposed to anyone else. You can ‘un-join’ at any time and we will delete your details permanently from our system and will not send you any further information.

You can join by completing the online form, writing to us at LifeTime Freepost WA1235, The Gateway, 89 Sankey Street, Warrington WA1 1SR or calling us on 01925 246824. Alternatively, if you are in the town centre, you could pop in to the LifeTime centre.

We are adding new things to our programme of activities around Warrington all the time.  There are coffee mornings, dance classes, yoga and much more at locations around the town.  Get in touch if you would like to join or would like LifeTime to support your community group.

By joining LifeTime people have the opportunity to age well and build resilience through:

  • Keeping Active
  • Connecting
  • Learning
  • Giving Back
  • Enjoying Life

The whole point of LifeTime is that it puts people in touch with the events, activities and services that are right for them and that they are interested in – so everybody over the age of 50 should be interested in joining! For example, if a joiner is just interested in gaining support for a specific health issue, then that is what LifeTime could mean for them. Other people may not need support, but would like to join in social activities and make new friends – and others still may simply want to find out how to use that new mobile phone or computer! Importantly, LifeTime wants those who don’t get out so much to take the plunge and join – they have everything to gain and nothing at all to lose!

LifeTime is a department of Warrington Housing Association Limited

As well as devising and funding its own timetable of events, LifeTime aims to be a facilitator for many other organisations. In terms of locations, LifeTime activities will take place across Warrington at a number of community facilities and through online resources. However, the heart of the LifeTime network is the purpose-built LifeTime Centre next to the Gateway in Warrington town centre. This warm and welcoming space provides LifeTime participants a place to visit for a quick cuppa, to use a computer, have a natter or attend one of up to 50 educational or support groups per week.

Almost half of the over sixties in the UK live alone and only half of our over 75s see their families more than once a month. Apart from the obvious impact long periods of time alone can have on someone’s emotional well-being, it is now believed that loneliness can also have an adverse effect on people’s physical health. LifeTime is an upbeat and positive move to ensure that Warrington’s older citizens can not only receive help and support if they need it – but actively enjoy their lives to the full. This is set to become even more relevant as people live longer and the older population increases.

There are 40,000 ‘older’ people in Warrington and a huge range of amazing health, social, support and educational services are available to them. LifeTime wants to add more of these services – whether it’s IT courses, exercise classes, coffee mornings, day trips or specific health support groups – and provide access to all of them through the LifeTime network. The difference will be that LifeTime will actively tell the LifeTime community about the things that are relevant to them and provide a forum for older people to say

LifeTime is aimed at everybody in the Warrington area aged in their fifties, sixties, seventies, eighties, nineties… and above! By providing information and social activities relevant to their age and interests, LifeTime connects people not just to a wide range of events, but to each other. It will provide opportunities for the less socially active or isolated people to enjoy themselves and get out and about more.

LifeTime is a network for people over the age of 50 in the Warrington area which brings agerelevant social, educational and health resources together under one banner. By joining the LifeTime community, people will be connected to a wide range of enjoyable, essential, supportive and helpful information, training and events which are of interest or relevant to them and the time of life they are at.