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Aileen’s lockdown with LifeTime

89-year-old Aileen Paterson from Culcheth has been missing out on her regular WI meetings and art projects, which were all stopped back in March due to the lockdown. Luckily, she was recommended our LifeTime service by a neighbour and has been keeping busy ever since.   

LifeTime has been successful in offering a virtual timetable filled with a variety of music, fitness and social events, including sing-a-longs, games evenings and even Tai Chi! 


Aileen said: “I’m so thankful that people are willing to run these sessions. It helps to give you some distraction in the present climate and everyone is really grateful for it. 


“It gives me a focal point each day. LifeTime does a really good job at involving people and they work hard to provide for others.” 


Aileen lives alone like many others using the service. However, she says that she is grateful to have received support from her daughter and son-in-law throughout the pandemic and also still enjoys getting out for a walk when the weather allows. 


She has no problem using the video-chat technology either and is keen to recommend the service to some of her friends who are also living by themselves.  


Aileen is looking forward to seeing what the future holds when LifeTime can reopen its doors again in the future, but admits that using online tools to stay connected is also really convenient and has been a great way to start making new friends. 


And her favourite LifeTime sessions? 


“I enjoy the trivia, it’s a laugh! And the quiz… you don’t have to own up if you’ve done really badly!” 

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