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Exciting new partnership

Here at LifeTime we support people 50+ living in Warrington to keep active, learning and connected with a variety of activities. During the pandemic we are offering a range of free activities online ranging from coffee mornings and quizzes to dance and exercise sessions. The session are the perfect way to learn a new skill, keep connected and meet new friends during these difficult times.

We are excited to be bringing you a new learning experience ‘Discover Drawing’  in partnership with Gail from Blooming Art.

Each drawing tutorial will be uploaded on to a private Facebook page where only members will have access there will also be a fortnightly zoom session for questions, queries and opportunity to share your work.

Gail from BloomingArts Quoted

As a child we all drew freely without any inhibitions and as we get older some of us lose the gift of being free to just have a go.  We may be worried about being judged, are we good enough?  Maybe we were told we couldn’t draw? We may have experienced criticism at school and it has stuck with us for many years.  These are some of the things I have heard from my cohort.  
But the window of art is magical.  It can be your friend when you are lonely, it can keep you occupied in times of solitude or anxiety, it can bring a voyage of discovery, it can help you interact with others, it can help slow down the ageing process of the brain, it can bring calmness & it can bring knowledge.  When you are drawing you cannot really worry about anything.  It’s really important to learn how to be free with your drawings too, it doesn’t matter if you start with drawing a stick man. Just take the 1st step and I will help you take the rest.’.

Details to follow on how you can sign up for free. 

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