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Life Time activities make the top ten hit list for helping people to boost their mood

The activities that Life Time hold make the top ten hit list for helping people boost their mood; from dancing and drawing, to singing and painting.
According to new research involving almost 50,000 people, the top ten list of most popular creative pastimes, are dancing, singing, art, gardening, reading, playing a musical instrument, cookery, crafts, creative writing and photography.
The BBC Arts Great British Creativity Test was undertaking as part of the Get Creative Festival – the UK-wide celebration of creativity that runs from 11-19 May – which Life Time is taking part in with creative session held every day!
The research also suggested that being creative can help avoid stress and build self-esteem, and revealed the most benefit comes from taking part in live creative activities that involve face-to-face social interaction, like singing in a choir, dancing or taking part in a group painting class.

Andrea Rees, Life Time officer, says there are many sessions running at the centre during the Get Creative Festival week.
She added: “We want to encourage people to get their creative juices flowing – from dancing to singing, arts and crafts and photography. We have most of the activities in the top ten most popular pastimes from the BBC research at Life Time – so come along and give something a go!”
Get Creative activities will be held at the LifeTime Centre, 101 Sankey Street, including: a ‘For the Love of Art’ painting session on Monday, May 13, from 1.30pm – 3.30pm (£4.50).
Adult colouring session on Wednesday, May 15, from 11am – 1pm. (£1.50) Simply bring along your colouring books, pencils and join in.
Social stitch and craft on Thursday, May 16, from 10.30am until 12.30pm. (£1.50) Learn how to sew, embroider and craft your own works of art, and at the same time a Let’s Get Crafty session, where you can craft your own cards for a special occasion or add your own touch to a gift card. (£1.50)
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