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LifeTime members get their dancing shoes on for International Day of Dance


Meet the couple that is getting Warrington on its feet and on the dancefloor.
Jan Henshaw and Allan Gregory met 14 years ago through their mutual love of dancing.
Allan, a delivery driver, had moved back to the area after serving in the Navy and started dancing as a way of meeting new people. He said: “It was a good way to impress the ladies!”
Both are now full-time dance tutors, tripping the light fantastic for over two hours every day teaching amongst others the tango, foxtrot, cha cha, waltz and line dancing.
Allan said: “You can teach anyone to dance but the key to being a good dancer is to enjoy it. Our classes are aimed at teaching members a new skill but it is most important that people have fun.”
Modern jive is Allan’s favourite dance while Jan prefers the sexiness of the rumba.
Former craft shop owner Jan and Allan also organise popular dance holidays to Llandudno twice a year. The most recent one, last month, had 57 people enjoying a range of themed dances, including black tie and old school. The November break is getting booked up already.
Dance is one of the most enjoyable ways to get moving.
The NHS website says: “Regular dancing is great for losing weight, maintaining strong bones, improving posture and muscle strength, increasing balance and co-ordination, and beating stress. One of the best things about dancing is that while you’re having fun moving to music and meeting new people, you’re getting all the health benefits of a good workout.”
Why not celebrate International Day of Dance on Monday, April 29 by booking a class at Jan and Allan’s Come and Dance With Us at variety of LifeTime locations throughout the week. All abilities welcome.


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