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LifeTime members took part in an activi-tea ahead of National Tea Day. Why not give it a chai?

PHOTO: Some of the LifeTime members and volunteers enjoying the mystery teas at a tasting morning for National Tea Day

It was time to put the kettle on and have a few brews with our LifeTime members for a tea tasting morning ahead of National Tea Day on Sunday, April 21.

We brewed up a selection of well-known teas and more exotic flavours including chai, Ceylon, and rhubarb and custard for a blind tasting session.

Drinkers rated each cuppa out of 10 and, perhaps unsurprisingly, the English Breakfast was revealed as the top tea with Earl Grey coming second and Darjeeling, third.

Abi, from our LifeTime Centre, which is part of Warrington Housing Association, said: “Having a cup of tea is the perfect way to get people together to socialise and make friends. 

“The unusual ones such as the chocolate orange and apple crumble were a great way of getting conversations going, as some liked them and some didn’t. It was lovely to see the members getting so involved with it.”

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