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Residents enjoyed the nation’s favourite meal together – to help improve wellbeing

Warrington Housing Association residents know where to go to make friends when the chips are down.
Warrington Housing Association neighbours from Lyon Court, St John’s Court and Lowry Close tucked into the nation’s favourite meal, fresh from the paper ahead of National Fish and Chip Day on Friday, June 7.
The team from LifeTime and our community development team brought them together to celebrate the Big Lunch.
The countrywide event combats the threat of loneliness by annually bringing together over six million people to get to know their neighbours while having a bite to eat.
According to the Eden Project which set up the event, one in five people in the UK have never spoken to their neighbours and this widening gap is damaging our mental and physical health.
Andrea Rees, from LifeTime, said: “We like our Warrington Housing Association schemes to be a community and not just a place to live and we are aware that sometimes people might not speak to their neighbour for a week or two so The Big Lunch provided us with opportunity to bring everyone together.
“Food is always a great way to bring people together. It has given everyone something in common. There was lots of chatter and laughter on the day, a real buzz around the schemes.”

Beth Blenkinship, our community development officer for Warrington Housing Association, added: “It’s been great to work with the LifeTime team and our scheme managers to create the ‘big lunches’ for our retirement scheme residents. Any excuse for fish and chips is always welcomed by our residents and having the opportunity to encourage them to come together and share a meal, as well as stories and laughter really embraces the ethos of the big lunch.”

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