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The Show must go on!

It won’t be long before we can safely say of 2020 that “it’s behind you!” Before then LifeTime is offering its first online pantomime in a bid to raise Christmas cheer and reduce loneliness and isolation across Warrington.

A cast of 14 LifeTime members and volunteers are creating a virtual fun filled performance of Snow White and the four dwarfs live on Thursday 17th December at 11am on Zoom.

Andrea Rees LifeTime Officer said “2020 has been a difficult year for many of our members but an increasing number are rising to the challenge of embracing technology and connect with our online  program. “ She added “We hoping this panto will bring a fun end to our virtual celebrations this year”.

So grab yourself a mince pie, cuppa and join in with the fun.

For meeting ID and password email

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