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Warrington Housing Association Hosts Cream Tea Afternoon for Dementia UK

Warrington Housing Association Hosts Cream Tea Afternoon for Dementia UK 

In a heart-warming display of community support, colleagues at Warrington Housing Association (WHA) extended a warm invitation to individuals living with dementia and their carers for a delightful afternoon of friendship and refreshments. The event, held in aid of Dementia UK’s ‘Time for a Cuppa’ campaign and raising funds to support local activities for people living with dementia, brought together individuals from various backgrounds to share in the simple joys of friendship, a cup of tea and a scone. 

David Cummins, the Chief Executive of WHA, expressed his delight in spending the day with the attendees, emphasising the importance of fostering connections and creating meaningful experiences for those individuals living with dementia. “It was lovely to spend the afternoon with our groups, their families and carers” David remarked, reflecting on the significance of such gatherings in fostering a sense of community and support. 

The Cream Tea Afternoon gave a moment of respite for individuals living with dementia and their caregivers who enjoyed being together.  

It was evident that the event had left a lasting impression on all those involved Through events like these, Warrington Housing Association continues to embody its commitment to creating inclusive and supportive communities, where everyone feels valued and supported, making Warrington a great place to live. 

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