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World Book Day

World Book Day is just around the corner, we spoke to our Tutor and Author Terry Caffrey about his life and his writing.

Terry, from Merseyside poetic beginnings started following a broken leg while playing football which ended is career. Terry was commissioned to write for the Roald Dahl Foundation and he had his lyrics chosen to be one of the official Children’s songs for the 2012 London Olympics.

What’s your favorite poem & why?

Do not go gently into that good night-by Dylan Thomas. I love it because it says fight to enjoy every day you are given.

Favorite childhood book & why?

Great Expectations.., Great author stories characters and description.

When did your passion for poetry start?

I started to write more in my 20’s… My father had always encouraged me to write.

What is your favorite Author and why?

Charles Dickens-the best story teller for me..

Interesting fact about himself?

I played football for Tranmere rovers and worked with the Halle orchestra.

Proudest moment?

I don’t have one I have many proud moments that concern my children, being married, winning awards ,helping friends and the underdog.

Other than Poetry do you have any hobbies?

As for hobbies they aren’t actually hobbies but I love to laugh and I love to live.

What would your ideal day look like?

To wake up and find the world is a better happier place for all of us

Any further thoughts you’d like to share with our members?

Yes, you cant make the sun shine-but you can move out of the shade.

Join Terry group ‘The New Open Gate’- Writing & Poetry Class every Friday from 10:30am in the LifeTime centre. In the group you will widen your vocabulary and cultural knowledge.

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